Monday, May 21, 2012

The Waiting

Confined in a lonely, without you ..
In the rain strom that scared me .. 
nobody is holding me here ..
You're far away there, with her .. 
and I , just sitting on my couch at home, with quiet ..

I count the raindrops falling outside from my window ..
It wasn't counted as same as I love you .. 

Mused  to myself as I saw the rain ..
thinking of you ..
Are you thinking of me too ??
or ... have anyone take my place in your mind ??
and ... do you still love me right now and forever ???

Can you explain it to me, please ??
I'm not afraid of your answer
I just wait for the truth to speak out .. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who Have Been Hurt

The rain was only represents the tears which had saved a lot of stories and secrets .. about happiness and sadness in the story of my life .. 
Include about you, the person who have been ever in this heart ..
Who brought a lot of memories, and also injured ..
You scratch the beautiful paintings, but also carve a deep wound which still can't be heal until now ..
Somehow I've fallen in love with you, even though I know you didn't for me ..
but, as I know, I learned the meaning of true love, even you aren't my love ..
you're just someone who is just passing in my life .. 
And it's not you at the end, I mean you're not a person who holds a major role in my love story ..
At first, I thought you would hold that role until forever, but it was two short years and then you'd gone ..
after that, we seemed never know each other .. sometimes I wish I could go back to that time .. but it always makes me feel hurt and hurt when I think about you .. 
But now, our story had changed, we have our own story .. You started your new page of your story with her, and I'm finally found my prince charming .. 
And I'm very happy with my own love story right now .. there's nothing that I would change ..
I hope what's the best for you ..
and thankyou for the memories .. someday you will find it in your trash, because right now I'm in progress to forget everything about you ..
Good luck , and good bye .. 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Quotes ...

• In changing world, you can trust God's unchanging Word.

• When you grasp, you lose. When you give to God, you gain.

• Don't just spend time; invest it.

• Perseverance makes the difference betwen failure and success.

• Failure is never final for those who begin again with God.

• When life is filled with shadows, face the sunshine of God's love.

• Keep your eyes on the Lord -- He never takes His eyes from you.

• Faith sees things that are out of sight.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


oh my God ...
someone has stalk my blog and post something ..

and I want to say sorry to you, it's really not me ..
I will not ever to post that blog even if I angry to you...

I know you will angry to me ...
but I will keep begging you to apologize my fault..
I know I shouldn't give my password to anyone, but in the beginning I don't know it will be like this...
you should distrusful about that post, because I never write my blog with Indonesian...

please ..
I'm so sorry ..
I still love you ..
I still keep our promises ...
please belive me ..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Honestly ...

Dear Yoseph Riyan ..

Honestly ..
You're not my first love,
but you're my last love ..
and my love for you will be last forever ..
Don't be mad , don't be jealous

I will tell you something ..
it's about my heart ..

You know my first love is him, not you ..
Honestly, I can't forget him
but I try as hard as i can do to forget him
because i know you are more precious than him

I realized he must gone from my life
He doesn't mean anything to me
He never love me like you do

but with you .. I know the meaning of true love
You opened my eyes to realize i have to move on

and now ..
I had amazing experience with you
day by days i feel more falling in love with you
Although you're not my first love, but being my last love is more special than being my first love

Guess why ??

Because being my last love will never be replace by anyone else ..

Believe me, my heart is just for you .. my last love ..
not for my first love ..
and I will love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and .. forever ..

Love you most my last love ..

Sincere ,
the girl who love you more than any girl do

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love Letter

23th November 2011

My love ..
I write this letter especially for you, Yoseph Riyan ..

Did you remember the first time we meet ?
When your eyes stared into my eyes, my heart beats faster than usually ..
I don't know why, but i think i'm falling in love with you ..
Then someday you said you love me too ..
And now you're mine , and i'm yours ..
Sometimes there is simple complication and misunderstand between us ..
But my love for you never change ..
You always make me smile and laugh everyday ..
You treat me like i'm your princess ..
I'm very happy and feel like i'm the luckiest girl in the world ..
Be with you everyday is flawless ..
But now the distance separate us ..
You said that the distance won't break our love, if we still keep our love ..  
My love .. i'm afraid of losing you ..
Will you promise me to always standing here beside me ?
I shuold've known from the start that you're the missing piece of my heart ..
I'm so glad i found you ..
I'm not gonna lose you ..
I will stay here with you ..
Nothing's gonna stop us now ..
You are one of my dreams that come true ..
Thanks for coming to my life ..
Thanks for fill my days with all your love ..
Thank you Yoseph Riyan, you have changed everything in my life and gave back my strength to make a brand new life ..

Hope you know how much i love you and miss you ..
Wish you were here beside me, my love ..

with love ,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Enchanted 2

This story began in 14 November 2010 ..
The first time I really understand what is meant "true love" 
Someone had opened my eyes and make me realize that he is the one I needed most ..

At first , I never know that I will fall for him ..
but God always have a good plan
God gave him to me when I felt that no one cares and loves me 
because someone already break my heart into pieces ..
then he try to fix my heart and heal it with all his love 
And that's why I fell in love with him ..
Day by day we through it together ..
and it's never always flawless

Sometimes there is simple complication and miss understanding between us ..
and sometimes we get a conflict ..
when we get a conflict my heart feel hurt ..
but I know that is the test for us to be more mature ..

But my love never change .. and I still love him ..

Sometimes I get jealous because I feel the girls around him try to take him from me ...
but he always try to make me believe there's no one can take his heart from me ..

And I believe if he really loves me, he'll never leave me ..
I want he is always holding me and says "I will never let you go, please stay here by my side"

He makes me smile and laugh by bring the rainbow to my life..
but sometimes I have to cry in my sleep because he bring the cloudy day to my life ..
It doesn't matter to me ..
I will always love him ..

And now look how far we've come ..

Tomorrow is 14 November 2011 
1 year along with you 
Everybody says that we are perfect couple ..
and I said "Yes, we are" with a big smile in my face
That's mean I'm proud to have you in my life
I'm proud to be your girl 

I hope this is just the beginning of our love story 
and I hope our story is never ending 

With you, my life is complete 
you have filled the big hole in my heart 
I shuold've known from the start that you're the missing piece of my heart ..
And now I found it ..
I found YOU ..

Promise me that you'll never leave me..
Promise me that you'll always standing beside me in every situations..
Promise me that you'll never break my heart..
Promise me that you'll always keep me in your heart..

Thanks for coming to my life..
Thanks for fill my days with all your love..
Thanks for always beside me and hold me in your heart..
Thanks for your warmth when your arms hold me tight..
Thanks for all you have done for me..

Because now you are the part of my life ..
Thankyou soo much my love :*